The textile business of PT. LUCKY PRINT ABADI started as a trading company in 1960s by Mr. Djohansjah Tamin. Most of the textiles were then imported from overseas for local consumption in Indonesia. In 1970, the first manufacturing company PT. LUCKY DJAKARTA PRINTING FACTORY came into existence with three sets of roller printing machines imported from Hong Kong.The idea was to make simple printed fabrics for which all greige material was imported. Supported by no more than 200 employees, the company popularly known as LUCKY PRINT was one of the pioneers of modern textile printing in Indonesia.

Conducive business situation of the early seventies encouraged setting up another manufacturing facility. Thus, in 1973, PT. LUCKY ABADI TEXTILE FACTORY (LA) was formed with 20,000 spindles and 528 Weaving looms. In 1979, another company called PT. PATAL CIMANGGIS INDAH (PCI), was formed. This company owned 20,000 new spindle machines and 68 wide-width weaving looms. One set of new roller printing machine and hand-printing tables were also installed. In 1987, the company's ownership was reorganized. Mr. Djohansjah Tamin took charge as the President Commissioner and his daughter Ms. Lily Tamin was appointed as Managing Director.

Within the framework of the Government Industrial Zoning Policy, as well as to cater for consolidation and further expansion, the LUCKY TEXTILE GROUP, in 1989, built a brand new factory, called PT. SANDANG MUTIARA ERA MULIA (SMEM) at Cikarang Barat, Bekasi, located about 35 kms from Jakarta. All the weaving and printing operations from other units within the Group were moved to SMEM, leaving the spinning activities exclusively at LA. This consolidation was aimed at enhancing the efficiency of the overall activities of the LUCKY TEXTILES GROUP. Later in 1998, SMEM was renamed as PT. LUCKY PRINT ABADI (LPA).

1998 was a dark and challenging year for Indonesia, full of demonstrations and riots. We were also affected and during this tumultuous time, Ms Lily Tamin, was inspired by a new vision and reengineered their business and launched the new Logo as well as Mission and Vision statements.
The New Logo signifies the Tree of Life with the Trunk signifying the Company and the Oval circles signifying the Fruits for All the Stakeholders, encompassing the shift in focus from Profit only to Care for the Environment and Community in which we operate, thereby providing a sense of meaning to the whole team.

Now PT.LUCKY PRINT ABADI, has evolved into one of Indonesia’s Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Cotton based Yarns and Finished Fabrics. The Company has also shown Excellence by adopting to the latest Market Updates, Colour and Trend Forecasts in addition to latest Machinery and Technology and various Tools and Techniques to achieve Manufacturing Excellence, Resource Utilization, New Product Development and ultimately Total Customer Satisfaction.

The Company is dedicated to Spinning of 100% cotton in various counts and manufacturing of Woven, Printed and Dyed Fabrics in various widths, weights and constructions. Today we employ over 1000 people and our Customers are spread across various countries like USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Columbia, Japan,Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and China etc.

We have gained International Recognition as a Reliable, Responsible and Professional partner in the Textile Business, mainly through our Commitments and Global Quality Standards focusing towards Total Customer Satisfaction.


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