Corporate Vision

“ Always Lucky ”

We envision a “Tree of Life” that nourishes all its surroundings, its people and environment with fresh energy, emitting fragrance and distributing the fruit of excellence to all its stakeholders, who would continuously nurtute and sustain this “Tree of Life”.
Corporate Mission

To be the customers’ first choice in providing goods and services which assure integrity.

a. We shall make our products and services worth the value - exceed our customers’ expectations in the clearly defined market segments through low cost, high quality and excellent service.

b. We shall create pleasant and friendly working environment wherein our people are inspired to work and to contribute their utmost potential in creativity and productivity.

c. Whatever products we make, we shall ensure that they are not harmful but would improve human life and would give people better comfort, create joy and in general, would brighten the world around us.

d. We shall ensure that our stakeholders receive reasonable rewards and personal pride, as well as maintain healthy corporate growth, which would make them feel that they are lucky to be part of us.

Corporate Motto

a. In this challenging era of globalization, the factors that ensured success in the past can no longer be used to guarantee success in the future.

b. The only way to achieve sustainable, superior value and growth is to embrace a culture of creativity and innovation’. By this, we can channel our creative energies to ‘predict the future’ and make a difference in the way we do our business. We should also ensure that our resources are realigned for development of new products & processes, systems, services, communication, delivery, etc. to exceed our customers’ expectations.

c. We must continuously focus on our goals with discipline, commitment and perseverance so that the company’s short term and long-term objectives are definitely achieved.

d. In this manner, we would be able to attract ‘luck’ towards us, enabling a ‘win-win’ situation and prosperity for the organization and all its stakeholders.

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